Homemade Pasta
Specialized menus with fine wine.
  1. Tortelloni Di Granchio
    Tortelloni Di Granchio
    Stuffed with real crab meat in Jerez pink creamy sauce with fresh Portobello mushrooms and green peas
  2. Linguine Integrali
    Linguine Integrali
    Whole wheat Linguine in roasted garlic sauce with shrimp, crab meat and mussels, with cube tomato, mozzarella and basil
  3. Burrata
    Fresh Italian Burrata cheese, sliced fresh tomatoes and basil
A family-run restaurant founded in 1987, Caffe Italia provides it's customers with delicious, fresh Italian food and a warm, family atmoshpere with great service.
Caffe Italia delivers to your door, caters your special events, and also hosts them in restaurant with prior reservation. With our large selection of fine wines, fresh pasta made to order and friendly staff, you won't be disappointed.
Chef's Recommendations